Smart Games Review Party

We received three new games from Smart Games and had a game night!! We had tons of fun and loved each and every game. The kids and even the adults had a great time. Each of the games were fun but also focused on different skills. They were the perfect balance of fun and education. In fact I don’t think the kids even knew they were learning skills.

The Three Little Pigs

Ages: 4 – 7 Years

Skills: Logic, Planning, Problem Solving and Concentration

Little Red Riding Hood comes with an adorable picture book, no words included, that tells the tale of Little Red. The images are adorable and the pictures allow for multiple interpretations encouraging kids to add their on details and twists onto the classic story. The book is the perfect way to introduce the game.

To play the game, you first must set up the board to match one of the challenges in the puzzle book that  comes with the game. There are two different challenge sets; one where you need to get Red to her Grandmothers and for the other set you must get Red and the Wolf to the Grandmothers house. You use “road” pieces to help the characters reach their destination. Once you finish one challenge then you move onto the next one, there are 48 included. This is a single player game but my kids love to watch each other while they play and help the younger kids when they get stuck.

The IQ Puzzler Pro

 Ages: 6 years – Adult

Skills: Concentration, logic, problem solving, planning, object manipulation

I thought that the IQ Puzzler was going to be way too tough for my four year old but it is by far his favorite. There are 120 challenges with 3 modes; rectangle, 3D and a diamond challenge board. There are 12 pieces that you puzzle into getting them all to fit with the different challenges. The size is perfect for throwing in your purse and taking to the doctors off, keeping in the car for road trips or even occupying the kids on their bus ride home.

Yes, my four year old enjoyed the IQ Puzzler but this game is really perfect for puzzlers of all ages.

The Color Code

Ages: 5 year – Adult

Skills: Color Recognition, Order, Orientation and Critical Thinking

Out of the three games that we tried, The Color Code was the game that surprised me the most. I knew that the kids would enjoy it and that the different orientation and order of tiles would prove to be a challenge. I didn’t expect for the challenges to test the out of the box thinking of adults so well. A great surprise! I love when we find games and/or activities that can keep the interests of multiple ages. The Color Code definitely exceeded my expectations and will provide many more hours of fun.


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