What God is Doing

As a parent one of my goals is to instill gospel lessons and values in my kids. Is this an easy feat? The answer is clearly no. No, it’s not easy to teach lessons on a regular basis and make them interesting for little kids. It can be down right exhausting and often leaves me feeling like a complete failure.

I just can’t do it all, all the time. We have ups and downs. Times the kids really enjoy learning about scripture stories and times where I’m not sure they heard a single word we, the parents, said. It can be rewarding but often just frustrating. Ugh.

Please tell me we aren’t the only family that struggles with bringing scripture stories to life and holding our kids interests.

Luckily I have recently found a book that share many resources to help us teach our family lessons from the Old Testament!

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation.

Each lesson contains a free poster of scripture for you to display and read though out the week. A brief geography section which is perfect for helping your kids know where the stories take place and become familiar with our incredible world. There is an object lesson for you to include while you teach. Most of them require minimal preparation but I suggest looking over your lesson before hand to ensure you have everything you need before its lesson time. Scripture verses! It is so important to use the scriptures to teach your kids so I am very glad that they have included multiple verses for each lesson. It is so important for our little’s to know and understand the scripture stories but it is even more important for them know how it relates to them and their daily life. There is a whole section dedicated to life application. It includes thoughts, questions and some reasons the lesson is important. Love. The last part of each lesson is a comment section. Mostly for you,as the teacher, but maybe you want to use this area to write some thoughts on how you can better teach your kids, things they need to learn better or questions that they had.

We have chosen to use these lessons on Monday evening, as part of our family night. After dinner we gather together to pray, study and learn together. We start our evening with a song, followed by a prayer then the lesson. After the lesson we talk about our upcoming week and anything that we or the kids feel like we need to discuss after we end with a treat and a closing prayer.

This last week we did the first lesson and it was a hit! The lesson was on the creation. Previously when we taught the creation we spoke about all of God’s marvelous creations but “What God Is Doing,” took a different approach. One that I really loved. My kids are young but the way they presented the lesson would be amazing for older kids. I found myself thinking about the creation differently than I had before. It was also amazing to watch how obvious the lesson was to my kids. Clearly Heavenly Father created the earth. Obviously things don’t just magically appear completed. Oh to have the faith of a child.

I won’t share the entire lesson with you but the hands on activity required an object to be built before the lesson began. They suggested using Lego but I used marshmallows and toothpicks instead. I secretly built a boat and hid it until lesson time. You can see my incredible building skills above. We used my boat in the lesson and after the lesson I had the kids build their own creations and stuff their faces with marshmallows afterwards.

We had so much fun! We choose to not include everything in the lesson due to our kids attention span but I loved that we had the option to go smaller or dive in deeper. The lessons are perfect for including multiple ages. During the hands on activities we could have easily discussed deeper doctrine for those interested while keeping little hands busy.

We will be sharing our family nights (FHE) on Instagram!! Follow us here or search for the hashtag #sbsl_fhe.

I am looking forward to using this book in our home and I think that it could benefit your household too. You can raise spiritual giants and family lessons like this can help you create a wonderful atmosphere where your home is focused on Christ.

Get your copy below!



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