Our Solar System Week Reveiw

Our “S” week was all about stars, space and shapes. We had so much fun!

Here is the link to our workboxes.

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Sweets is loving “The Friend” magazine. She loves to study in her book while I study in mine. One of the reasons I added our foundation bin was to help teach the babes some of our priorities. One of those is daily scripture study or inspiration time.

Scripture Study

Foam Pit GymnasticsKids bodies grow so fast and they learn so much at lightning speed. We wanted our babes to have the freedom to explore and also test their growing capabilities. Gymnastics was our answer. We had such a good time in our first class. The kids tried new things, listened occasionally to their coach and shook their booties during our dance time. I cant wait to see what they learn during this semester.

Puzzle Collage

We still love puzzles! Puzzles of all shapes and sizes. We do ginormous ones and itty bitty ones.

Sweets is getting so much better at matching shapes. This Tupperware Shape O Ball is a little tricky as it rotates but we like a challenge.

Shape Sort
Constellation Cutting Fine MotorI normally do my prep work the week prior so that we start the week ready to go. Well that didn’t happen this time. I finally found time to cut out our constellation patterns. While I was working Bee was watching my every movement. Who knew that cutting was so exciting. The logical thing was to get him his own set of scissors and let him practice his cutting skills. Just another simple way to incorporate learning activities into everyday life.
Language Gems

Our language bin was all about letter recognition. Our space word page was trickier than I anticipated because the printable was a mix of upper and lower case while the tiles were solely uppercase. Oops. It was a good experience though and I was able to talk with Bee about the differences between the two forms of letters. During our third run though of this activity he only had a problem recognizing the letter “R/r.”

Space Letter S and Spelling with BananagramsGem a Dot letter “S” success. This activity is always a hit. I love that the clean up is minimal and that the kids can do this activity over and over again with no assistance. I do enjoy working with the babes but I also try and promote independence when I can.
Math is so much more fun than I remember it being. For a long time Bee has loved counting but the order was consistently off. For example: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10. Not wrong just missing a couple numbers in the middle. We are seeing a huge improvement in his counting recently. He still doesn’t get all the right numbers but he has added 6 and 7. The numbers 4 and 5 have that tricky “F” sound so I think he might be purposefully skipping them. He will repeat the words after me so I know he can say them.
Our Wheel of Stars was so fun. We counted the stars then found the matching number to place on top. Easy and fun! I especially like that this activity incorporated multiple ways of learning. We covered visual, auditory and kinesthetic.
Space Math Number and Sequence

Our math bin also contained a space themed sequence activity. Each square had a different number of objects on it. We counted them and placed them in order. The graphics were great and introduced some new items that I didn’t even think about talking about. Such as asteroids, satellites and comets. We talked briefly about what was on all of the squares but none of them really peaked Bee’s interests so we moved on.

Life skills! We cant forget about those. Sweets is actually getting decent at stacking the dishes in the drying rack for me. Yes, we do end up covered in water but they are learning the importance of helping out. Both the kids enjoy rinsing and stacking our dishes. I don’t even ask for help anymore. I simply fill the right side of the sink half full with warm water and bring a chair in front of the sink. Soon enough either one of the kids or both we at my side splashing and stacking beside me.

Real Life Toddler Chores Sibling Love Slide
I plan a lot of our activities out before the week begins. I don’t usually share our spontaneous adventures but I thought I would make an exception. I have a variety of supplies hidden, not very sneakily I might add, that we bring out occasionally. I also use them to fill our bins. Bee and Sweets know what I have stored for the most part so they ask me for specific activities when we are done our boxes or they aren’t interested in what I have chosen.
Daily Adventures Fine Motor



I Want To Be An Astronaut – Sesame Street
Seeing Stars – Magic School Bus
Lost in the Solar System – Magic School Bus
Space Reading



Solar System Song

Magic School Bus Lost in Space: Season 1, Episode 1

Magic School Bus  Seeing Stars: Season 4, Episode 7


Workbox Wednesday

Space Workbox 3 yr 1 yrWe were lucky enough to combine both Bee’s (3yrs) and Sweet’s (1yr) bins. Here are the fun things we have planned this week.

Math - Counting and Sequence  Math: Solar System sequence cards, Counting stars with number recognition

Language - Letter S Gem Star BananagramsLanguage: Letter recognition with Space words, Gem a Dot, Boogie Board

Science - SpaceScience: Glow in the Dark Stars, Constellations, Books

Check here to see how our week went!