What I Love About You!

As a wife I have been blessed with a wonderful hubby. He amazing but not really a talker. Its just not his thing. Sometimes that drives me crazy but its who he is.

A few years ago I was in a rough spot. You know, the one where your not sure how awesome you are or you can’t think of anything about yourself except the negative things that continuously pop into your mind. I was wallowing a bit. Stuck in self pity and a bad case of the bla’s. I was telling my husband all of the negative things about myself and he was so kind and honestly told me that I was lying to myself. That I was better than my mind was telling me. That I am loved. I didn’t have to be perfect to be loved and that I can be awesome without being perfect.

The next day during his lunch break he texted me a simple and sweet message. I don’t remember the exact message but it went like this. I love your _____. After I received the message I thought about thanking him for his kind words but instead I texted him back something that I loved about him.

Three years later and every lunch break I still get a message to pick me up and remind me that I am loved. It has made a huge difference for me. Now imagine how this would effect a child. Your child.


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Valentines Week Review

Happy Valentines from our house to yours!

Here is a look at what our workboxes looked like before we got started.

Valentines themed matching!! Both the kids enjoyed matching with these super cute printables.

Valentines Memory

Sweets has recently been drawn to puzzles. She is getting so much better at locating the correct place for the pieces. In our upcoming weeks I plan on utilizing more and more puzzles. Maybe even a few at the same time.

Shape Puzzle

Here is another excellent and easy fine motor activity. Pipe cleaners and a spice jar. I cut the pipe cleaners into one inch pieces. The kids then slide them through the holes in the jar. Sweets just puts everything and everything in there. Bee is more advanced so I asked him to fill the jar with a specific color first. Once he has collected all of one color we move onto the next color.

Pipe Cleaners and Spice Jar Fine Motor

For science, this week, we had pink inspired sensory bins. I often use science to explore our senses. Bee’s bin was flower petals and a number search. Once he located the numbers I asked him to identify them. Sweets was searching through petals for pink pom poms.

Valentines Sensory

We made valentines! Okay, the truth is we starting making valentines but didn’t end up finishing them. The kids loved stamping with paint. I put an elastic around toilet paper rolls and folded one side to look like a heart. A little paint and some construction paper made for an hour of fun.

Valentines Painting Collage

We had a special delivery that came with a box full of packing peanuts. We dug out our light sticks (I have no clue what they are really called, they light up and flash). We took turns putting the light under the Styrofoam and talked about light. The kids had a blast! Of course we had to cover the kids. Sweets thought it was so funny, she loved the tickles.

Lights and Peanuts Sensory



Arthur’s Valentine – Marc Brown

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown – Charles M. Schultz



Workbox Wednesday

Workbox Valentines    Our Valentine Bins were combined for our 19M old and 3 yr old.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts - Valentines PaintingValentines: Paint, glue, scissors, construction paper, heart stamps


Math - valentines matching and countingValentine memory, gem counting


Language - Valentines LettersLetter recognition, Boogie Board


Science - Valentines Sensory BinSensory Bins:

Flower petals with numbers (3 yrs)

Flower petals with pink pom poms (1 yr)

Our World

Our World - Valentines BooksValentines Books

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