Smart Games Review Party

We received three new games from Smart Games and had a game night!! We had tons of fun and loved each and every game. The kids and even the adults had a great time. Each of the games were fun but also focused on different skills. They were the perfect balance of fun and education. In fact I don’t think the kids even knew they were learning skills.

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Top 10 Board Games for Toddlers

Kids love games!! Toddlers and games can be tricky. They like to run, jump, swing their arms around and they often lack focus. What on earth are you supposed to play? I have some excellent ideas that are perfect for family nights, birthday gifts or even Christmas.

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

All my kids love this game! The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is awesome at developing fine motor skills, sorting and color matching. It is simple enough that your kid can play it independently or multiplayer. The acorns are small, be careful when your playing with kids that still put everything in their mouth.

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Arctic Book List for your Little Readers

Baby, it is cold outside!

We are under lots of snow which was perfect for our week long study of the Arctic! We gathered up lots of great books and cuddled under a pile of blankets. Reading and snuggling is one of my favorite activities to do with my little’s.

Good books open up the doors of curiosity and exploration. Here are the books that we used during our Arctic study.

Arctic Book List

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Thanksgiving Thankful Leaves

For some people Thanksgiving is all about the food! Now I love food (stuffing and pie especially) as much as the next person however I am doing my best to raise grateful kids. One of the ways that we decided to bring gratitude into our family celebration was to make Thankful Leaves.

In Canada, where I am from, Thanksgiving is in October. Right in the middle of fall, well usually. This year we had the pleasure of diving right into winter with a huge snowfall. It practically looked this Christmas on Thanksgiving morning.


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Canadian Marble Painting

The kids enjoy painting but they lack technique. That is not a bad thing, it is just part of learning. I get tired of all the paintings that are just swirls of colors piled on top of each other.  We will continue painting with paint brushes but every once in a while I like to mix things up for them. Stretch their imaginations and provide them with new sensory activities.

Marbles. I thought try marbles.

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Workbox Wednesday

Workbox Wednesday K Week 3yrs

This week we have a modge podge of activities for Bee (3 years). During our speech therapy sessions we have been working on our ‘K’ sounds. I wanted to incorporate our sounds into our weekly bins to help me teach Bee without him feeling like we are constantly working on his speech. This is what I came up with

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Foundations - Journal, Flashcards, Early Readers and Religious

Foundation: Flashcards, Audio Nursery Rhymes, The Friend (religious magazine), Letter K: My First BOB Books: Pre-Reading Skills, and a Journal

Creative Arts - Music

Creative Arts: Maracas, Harmonica, and Rhythm Wooden Instrument Set

Math - Counting

Math: Number Bean Bags and a Counting Book

Language - K Fine Motor Writing

Language: Wipe Clean Workbook Uppercase Alphabet Workbook, Phonics Activity, Boogie Board

Science - Colors

Science: Colorback Sea Turtle Magnetic Wooden Maze Puzzle, Uno Card Game

Our World - Dinosaur Fine Motor

Our World: Dinosaur Building Set, Dinosaur Dominoes Game, Dinosaur Book

Check back here for an update on our adventures.

Workbox Wednesday

Cup Stacking, Flashcards, Coin Slot
 Cup Stacking, Flashcards, Coin Slot
Sidewalk Chalk, Spritz Bottles
Sidewalk Chalk, Spritz Bottles
Bongo Drum, Shaker, Train Whistle
 Bongo Drum, Shaker, Train Whistle
Felt Dolls, Magnifier
 Felt Dolls, Magnifier
(Hubs assembled this bin. Let’s see what Bee does with it)
Shapes and Color Flashcards, Eye Spy
 Shapes and Color Flashcards, Eye Spy
I’m excited for this next week. I think Tuesday will be our best day but only time will tell.
Watch for an update next week.