Our Pre School Product Choices

They came. They finally came.

Two beautiful brown boxes of supplies to help us reach our educational goals.

Every year as I prepare for Christmas I write a list and start a amazon cart of some items I want to order for gifts. I like to brainstorm and then re-evaluate my plans a few weeks later.  It helps me to make sure that I have made the correct choices for everyone that I am buying for.

I used the same strategy but instead I had a cart growing of supplies I was interested in for school. It was filled with all types of goodies for all three of my kiddos but mostly for my almost four year old.

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Hippity Hoppity

We had an excellent Easter and a lot of fun with our work. First I will share our week review then a bit from our family Easter celebrations.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

We loved our Language Egg Hunt. I thought that it would go over Bee’s head but he surprised me again. The hubs and I put mini animals inside Easter eggs before we hid them. In the morning the kids found the eggs and opened them to discover an animal. I had them match the animals to the beginning letter of their name. W – Whale, D – Dolphin, etc. They needed a little prompting for the correct letter but soon they mastered the names and letters. They loved hiding the eggs again and again. I didn’t even have to hide them!!

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Workbox Wednesday

Easter Workbox 1 yr

We love Easter! We are Christian so our focus is on Christ and his resurrection. However we also love to have fun so we have participate in spring activities and Egg hunts.

Here are the fun things we had in our bins for Sweets (21 months) this week. (Affiliate links below)

Creative Arts Easter Game Tot School


Creative Arts: Dice Game

Math Scissors Numbers Fine Motor Tot School

Math: Scissor Practice, Number Writing

Language Egg Hunt Easter Tot School

Language: Boogie Board, Egg Hunt

Science Seeds Tot School Spring

Science: Seed sensory bin with The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds


Our World: Easter Readings

Religious Easter Jesus Tot School Sensory

Our World: Easter Story with Play Dough. We will join Bee with this activity.

Wondering how our Easter went? Look no further, here it is!

Arctic Week Review

This was one of my favorite themes so far. We had so much fun and learned more than I expected.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

Bee’s math bin was by far his favorite this week. First we took the animals out of the bin and identified them all. Then we matched the number manipulatives with the numbers on each animal. Our last step was to place them numerically. It was so easy but great number repetition. The printables were darling too which made it even better.

Arctic Numbers

We also had some pre-writing practice with our math bin. Bee is getting much better at holding a pencil and also following basic lines and shapes.

Arctic Prewriting

Sweets continued working on her puzzle skills and shape recognition. In keeping with our arctic theme I had her match pictures of animals. She is improving so much and enjoying the challenges.

Arctic Animal Matching

Arctic Fox Label

Once I printed off the activities that I choose I was a little concerned. Bee can’t read, we are so far from even thinking about teaching reading. Letters are our main priority, what was I thinking… Oy. Oh well, we went for it and Bee loved labeling the foxes body parts. The words were simple: tail, paw, nose and ear. I asked Bee what the first letter of each word was. Once we got the right letter, a little prompting needed, then we said the word and placed it on the image. I was surprised with how frequently Bee choose to do this activity.


Sweets focus is also on letter recognition. We are loving our Melissa and Doug Alphabet puzzle. It is high quality, has bright colors and says the letter when you place a piece. It is just perfect. We also matched arctic animal images while saying the animal names. Sweets is surprisingly good at pronunciation even though I was simply trying teaching her some new animal names.

Arctic Animal Letters

Our Science sensory bin was so much fun! Sweets loved balancing the animals on top of each other. It was goofy but she did it over and over again and just giggled. While Sweets napped I filled the bin with cool water and ice cubes and let Bee play outside. His hands got chilly, which opened the door for us to talk about temperature and how arctic animals stay warm up North. After we warmed up we watched the Magic School Bus where they discussed how animals keep insulated with various insulators such as fur and blubber. We also had the book but sometimes I like the option of just turning on a show so I can have a little break.

Arctic Ice Sensory

Everyday we’re reading! Everyday and everywhere. We made excellent choices for our reading material this week. Some times we just looked at the many pictures, sometimes we read the info and sometimes I let the kids tell me about the Polar Bears.

Arctic Reading

Charcoal Drawing

Originally I had a small polar bear and cotton ball craft planned but it never came together. We did however make a trip to Grandma’s house, my parents. While we were there the kids were able to play with a new medium. Charcoal. What beautiful pictures they made!



The Three Snow Bears – Jan Brett

The Polar Bear Scientists – Peter Lourie

Welcome to the World of Spirit Bears – Diane Swanson

The Magic School Bus in the Arctic: A Book About Heat

The Bear Report – Thyra Heder

Baby Polar Bear (Nature Babies) – Aubrey Lang

Polar Kingdom Animals – Christophere Boncerns


Workbox Wednesday

Workbox Farm 3yr

This week we will be busy learning about Farms! Here are Bee’s bins to get us started right.

Creative Arts - Roll a Farm

Creative Arts: Roll a Farm Dice Game

Math - Farm Counting and Patterns

Math: Counting and Number Writing with Pattern (AAB) Practice

Language - Farm Build a Word, Phonics

  Language: Letter Writing, Build a Word, Phonics with Boogie Board

Science Seeds Tot School Spring

Science:  Seed Sensory Bin

Our World - Farm Reading and Sorting

Our World: Farm and Animal Readings, Clean and Dirty Chart

Wondering how our week went? Check out here! You will also find a list of all the resources that we used.

Week Review

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation.

JournallingThis week I introduced a new concept to Bee. We are starting to Journal. Bee can draw, he can color, use stickers whatever he wants. I have prompted him a little bit to start. After our morning routine I asked Bee if he wanted to write in his journal. If he said yes than we got our journal, colors and stickers. I asked him what we did the day before and we wrote hand over hand whatever his answers were. After we write for a bit I give him other supplies to decorate his pages with. Most days he likes to write something but occasionally he just draws. It is up to him. My goal is to get him to write/draw once a week.

Flashcard Siblings

In our foundations bins both kids have flashcards. Which they love. Bee has even taken to teaching Sweets her shapes and colors. Victory!! One less thing for me to do.

Number Toss

This is real life and real life is messy. I’ve learned to just embrace it ….and clean up before snacks. Its my little trick to keeping things from getting out of control. Here we are with our number bean
 bags. One side has a number (2) and the other side has it written out (two). I love them. I had Bee pick a bag look at the number then I told him what it was and he repeated it before he threw it into the bin. Math with a physical element thrown in. He threw these all week long. I got out different baskets for him to use just to mix things up.
Sweets is getting better and better at puzzles. Melissa & Doug Shapes Sound Puzzle is amazing much like their entire collection. This puzzle was an easy way to incorporate auditory learning and independence.
This week our focus was our language bin, specifically the letter K. Bee’s speech has been improving and we have been working hard for his success. We also recruited Sweets into our speech therapy activities. Might as well. Our speech therapist has been amazing and supports our education goals. She often prints me off resources with activities for us to do in between our sessions. I am so blessed to have her support. I have also found many great speech resources online. (I will share some in a later post.)
We had an off day and didn’t get any of learning activities down until Jason got home. It was actual a nice treat for all of us. I probably appreciated it the most because we could work with both the kids and help them at the same time.
Coloring K Collage
First we colored our “K” sound images. Then we practiced our scissor skills before glueing our pictures onto a giant K.
Letter K Phonic Collage
Our pictures are ready for the fridge and practicing our “K” sound. We often display our work on the fridge but I also discovered that it was the perfect reminder to actually use our project. When Bee wanted a snack we had to say at least a few words correctly first. Sweets also enjoyed pointing to her page while I told her what the objects were.
Build a Dinosaur

For our world study we went back in time. To when dinosaurs roamed the earth! Bee loves Dino’s so we had lots of fun options for our bins. It was perfect because somethings were better for older kids and some activities were good for all ages.

Bee received a Dinosaur building figurine for Christmas that came with his very own screw driver. How exciting! He loves to take this apart and build it over and over again. We also have gigantic dominoes with dinosaur pictures. We played a lot of games matching the Dinosaurs but also talking about the differences between them. Long legs, short arms, wings, horns, etc. We also read some great books with some of our favorite people.
Dinosaur Reading
For the younger crowd our designated activity was playing with play dough and cookie cutters. Bee couldn’t let Sweets have all the fun so they played together.

Workbox Wednesday

Workbox Wednesday K Week 3yrs

This week we have a modge podge of activities for Bee (3 years). During our speech therapy sessions we have been working on our ‘K’ sounds. I wanted to incorporate our sounds into our weekly bins to help me teach Bee without him feeling like we are constantly working on his speech. This is what I came up with

(Affiliate links below)

Foundations - Journal, Flashcards, Early Readers and Religious

Foundation: Flashcards, Audio Nursery Rhymes, The Friend (religious magazine), Letter K: My First BOB Books: Pre-Reading Skills, and a Journal

Creative Arts - Music

Creative Arts: Maracas, Harmonica, and Rhythm Wooden Instrument Set

Math - Counting

Math: Number Bean Bags and a Counting Book

Language - K Fine Motor Writing

Language: Wipe Clean Workbook Uppercase Alphabet Workbook, Phonics Activity, Boogie Board

Science - Colors

Science: Colorback Sea Turtle Magnetic Wooden Maze Puzzle, Uno Card Game

Our World - Dinosaur Fine Motor

Our World: Dinosaur Building Set, Dinosaur Dominoes Game, Dinosaur Book

Check back here for an update on our adventures.