What God is Doing

As a parent one of my goals is to instill gospel lessons and values in my kids. Is this an easy feat? The answer is clearly no. No, it’s not easy to teach lessons on a regular basis and make them interesting for little kids. It can be down right exhausting and often leaves me feeling like a complete failure.

I just can’t do it all, all the time. We have ups and downs. Times the kids really enjoy learning about scripture stories and times where I’m not sure they heard a single word we, the parents, said. It can be rewarding but often just frustrating. Ugh.

Please tell me we aren’t the only family that struggles with bringing scripture stories to life and holding our kids interests.

Luckily I have recently found a book that share many resources to help us teach our family lessons from the Old Testament!

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Bible Origami Book Review

Growing up I watched my parents introduce us again and again to the scriptures and their stories. For the most part I think they did a great job but sometimes we, the kids, were just down right bored and didn’t want to internalize the important messages that the stories taught. Talk about a tough crowd.

Over the last few years I have poured myself into researching the different learning styles that children resonate best with. I believe that the best way to teach is the best way that each individual learns. Every child is different but there are some patterns when it comes to effectively teaching them.

In my home, hands on learning, aka kinesthetic learning, is huge. We like to wiggle, kick, jump, fiddle and climb. Pretty much all day long. Yes, this even includes when we are trying to be reverent. I am working on it but its not as easy as it sounds.

Bible Origami is going to be perfect for our family! The kids (and I) will have the perfect resource to help us keep our fingers busy while listening to the scriptures. The origami featured compliments many of the classic bible stories. While learning about the faith of Daniel you can assemble your own lion. Build your own tablets during lessons regarding the Ten Commandments.


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Growing Up with Conference Review

There are some things in life that I absolutely adore. Things that are so important to me that I try very hard to pass their value onto my little’s. Now if you have kids you know that just because it is important to you that doesn’t mean that they will think the same as you. I wish it was easy but that is just not the way the cookie crumbles.

Two of my treasured times of the year are when General Conference is broadcasted. As a Christian, of the LDS denomination, April and October are extra special. During these conferences leaders of our church both male and female share words of wisdom to uplift and inspire us. I love it!!

Every six months I NEED an extra lift. I need to know that I’m not a complete failure. I need to know that God loves me. I need to feel the Holy Ghost. To know I am enough for my kids. I need help! I need help to be the Mom that my kids individually need. I need help to be a better wife for my husband. I need help to improve myself.  I need my kids to see that I am not perfect and that I am constantly striving to become better.

My home needs general conference!

This past October I tried a little extra hard to teach my kids about the apostles so that they would value their messages. Let me tell you. It worked!!

Watching Conference King Benjamin Umbrella

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General Conference Week Resources

General Conference is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love gathering my notebook, snacks along with my favorite blanket. Armed with my essentials I was all set to sit down and listen to all of the council that has been prepared. That was before I had kids, it was that easy.

Now my tots want to participate but they also want to run and play. In April I had a great game plan for the hours of conference. Check it out here because it worked wonders with my little’s.

I enjoyed the variety of activities that we did but I felt that we could get to know these incredible men a bit more. If you are a regular reader you know that we love our theme based weeks. When I was planning for September the obvious answer was to include a more religious week. Not a week similar to religious holidays but more like a study based on our families religious leaders. I wrote a list of facts based on each of the members of the First Presidency and the twelve Apostles. You can check out that list to make you own plan or you can join our study.


Here is what you will need to follow along with our week:

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50+ Activities Inspired by the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Its that time of year again.

General Conference.

As many of you know I am a member of the LDS faith. Every October and April we have a special meeting where we get to listen and learn from the leaders in our Church. Men and women both speak and we listen to beautiful choirs. I absolutely love this time of the year and every 6 months it seems to surprise me again.

Not this year, my friends. This year I have a plan. A plan to prepare my self and my kids to receive the messages prepared for us but also to get to know some of our leaders. I know my kids would rather listen to someone that they know a little bit about verses a “stranger” on TV. I absolutely love these men and I know that I will love and understand them even more after our activities.

I am so excited!!


Let’s get started!

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Rocking Ordinary Book Review

I was in the mother’s lounge at church, like I have been many many times before. I was busy being a Mom with my second child just doing the usual routine. Feeding, changing, burping, trying to find a quite place, who knows really it’s all a blur.

Often there are Mom’s coming and going, I usually strike up some small chit chat. Talk about their baby, life as a mom, their cute shoes, whatever. I really just need to talk to an adult some days. One day there was an unfamiliar face in the rocking chair. A new member had moved into our ward boundaries. I asked her a simple question and before I knew it we were friends. Not the “I see you at church every week and say Hi” kinda friends. The friends where you just click. You don’t have to work hard at establishing a relationship, its easy. They can come over right after your kids dumped all the toys and you don’t feel the need to apologize for the mess. They get it.

Rocking Ordinary, is that friend.

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The Greatest Leaders are the Greatest Followers Family Home Evening

General Conference FHEThis week I am linking up with some other fabulous bloggers to share Family Home Evening Lessons based on talks from the April 2016 General Conference sessions. Each blogger chose a different topic to feature, you will find the other lessons at the bottom of this post.

There were so many wonderful messages shared last weekend! It was tough to pick just one but I did it. I choose the talk given by Stephen W. Owens, “The Greatest Leaders Are the Greatest Followers.” The talk was given during priesthood session, if you missed it. I watched the priesthood session with my husband and male in-laws…..  I know the priesthood session is for men. I just couldn’t resist joining in on hearing the powerful messages shared.

Family Home Evening is so important for families of all ages and stages. Our family is young, toddlers, which presents a variety of challenges. We strive to have Family Home Evening every week even if it is really quick and simple. Quick and simple works best when your dealing with kids three and under. We keep our lessons to the point, have a fun activity and sing (lots). We are able to teach our kids some basic principles and invite the Holy Ghost into our home while also having lots of fun.

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Conference Weekend

The first weekend in April our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has a special conference. They have many speakers and beautiful musical numbers. It is a time for us to listen to talks from messengers of our Heavenly Father to reflect on our lives and better ourselves.

Conference weekend is one of my favorite times of the year (April and October). I want my kids to look forward to learning from these inspired leaders as well. It can be a challenge for them to keep their attention for hours on end. This year I searched for some excellent ideas to keep the kids busy. Snacks, activities, games, etc. I might even add some extra snacks for the hubs and I.

Conference Apostle Activities

I gathered up 15 Gallon sized Ziploc bags, on each bag I wrote a name of one of the apostles. I wandered around our house and put one activity or a snack in each bag. Occasionally I was really organized and put an activity that related to the specific apostle.

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Hippity Hoppity

We had an excellent Easter and a lot of fun with our work. First I will share our week review then a bit from our family Easter celebrations.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

We loved our Language Egg Hunt. I thought that it would go over Bee’s head but he surprised me again. The hubs and I put mini animals inside Easter eggs before we hid them. In the morning the kids found the eggs and opened them to discover an animal. I had them match the animals to the beginning letter of their name. W – Whale, D – Dolphin, etc. They needed a little prompting for the correct letter but soon they mastered the names and letters. They loved hiding the eggs again and again. I didn’t even have to hide them!!

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