Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Two Year Old

Desert Workboxes 2 year old

This year we are off to a hot start. Our study of habitats, from around the world, begins with the desert. Our preschooler loves animals so we are following along with his studies for Tot School. Lucky for me I have found some excellent printables that have pages appropriate for both age groups. I can’t wait to get started!

Check out Sweets bins below!!

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Desert Workbox 3 yr old

Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Three Year Old

Desert Workbox 3 yr old

The world is kind of a funny place. An amazing place that I am blessed by everyday but its still kinda funny. Some places around the world are crazy hot, some freezing cold and other places bounce around in temperature.  In all of the various locations you will find different habitats and within those their own animals and separate ecosystems.

We love animals so while I was planning our home school preschool edition I thought it would be perfect to learn about different animals and their habitats. Every other month I have chosen a new habitat to learn about, starting with the desert.

I already know that Bee will love this unit.

Check out our bins for this week!

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Fall Book List for Babies, Toddlers and PreK

Fall Book List

Nearly every morning my littles crawl into my bed with a stack of books. Each. Yes, they have to have their own stacks. I don’t mind many books in a row when the books are good. I definitely don’t want to read less than great books over and over again. In a row or not.

Instead of sending you on a wild book chase to the library I am going to share some our favorites that we read for our fall unit. I will start by sharing board books then some awesome picture books!

Fall Book List for Babies, Toddlers and PreK

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Fall Unit Workboxes for your Three Year Old

Workbox Fall 3 yr old  Is it really fall already? I can’t believe it. Im certain that the summers are going by even quicker now then when I was growing up. It almost seems that everytime I blink we are in a new season. Eek! Good thing I am a planner and had decided what our studies would be before I was caught off guard. I am excited for this week and can’t wait to share with you.

Here are Bee’s bins for the upcoming week!

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2016 – 2017 Preschool Weekly Themes

I am so excited to start our first year of home school! I almost cant believe that we are already at this stage of life.

I am excited but still nervous. To combat my nerves I have come up with a plan. I am a planner girl and I need a plan to thrive. It’s what works for me. I have gathered some excellent themes for us to study and can’t wait to dive in!

Preschool Themes 2016 - 2017

Below I have written down our weekly themes. Beside each theme you will find a link to my Pinterest board that I used to brainstorm ideas, Our Plans, Workboxes, and a Book List followed with a review post. Once a month I have left a week theme-less… is that even a word. I left one for us to be able to follow our interests or address topics that need attention. I’m not sure what this year has in store but I definitely want to follow my kids interests.

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To School Or Not

Fall brings change. Our environment changes but so does life. As a mom of toddlers often days just blur together. Sometime weeks or even a month seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Everyday I am in charge. I decide what we do and if we go anywhere. No rules unless I make them, for the most part.

Family 2016

Once September hits, Mom’s everywhere suddenly have a routine they need to follow.

Yes, I’m talking about back to school.

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Ocean Inspired Sensory Bin

5 Minutes to Create an Ocean Sensory BinSensory bins are almost always a top activity with my kids. Our ocean sensory bin was especially loved. Sweets went crazy for this bin for hours a day. She honestly might have played with this bin everyday for a week if I let her. Keep reading to see how much fun they really had.

Sensory bins are one of my favorite activities because they are fairly quick and easy to put together and the reward can be hours of play.

You can assemble your own in no time at all after you gather a few quick supplies.

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Our Pre School Product Choices

They came. They finally came.

Two beautiful brown boxes of supplies to help us reach our educational goals.

Every year as I prepare for Christmas I write a list and start a amazon cart of some items I want to order for gifts. I like to brainstorm and then re-evaluate my plans a few weeks later.  It helps me to make sure that I have made the correct choices for everyone that I am buying for.

I used the same strategy but instead I had a cart growing of supplies I was interested in for school. It was filled with all types of goodies for all three of my kiddos but mostly for my almost four year old.

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