Letter Book List

Every house, with kids, needs Alphabet books. We have quite a few on our shelves year round but we ventured to the library for some new reads. Some were awesome and others were not impressive. I decided to include my thoughts on all of the books we read.

Alphabet Week Book List

What are your must haves when it comes to ABC books?

I love rhyming, great illustrations, with a mix of uncommon and common words. Most books don’t have all of my favorite qualifiers in them but that’s why I read lots and lots of books. We love the variety.

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Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Two Year Old

Desert Workboxes 2 year old

This year we are off to a hot start. Our study of habitats, from around the world, begins with the desert. Our preschooler loves animals so we are following along with his studies for Tot School. Lucky for me I have found some excellent printables that have pages appropriate for both age groups. I can’t wait to get started!

Check out Sweets bins below!!

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Desert Workbox 3 yr old

Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Three Year Old

Desert Workbox 3 yr old

The world is kind of a funny place. An amazing place that I am blessed by everyday but its still kinda funny. Some places around the world are crazy hot, some freezing cold and other places bounce around in temperature.  In all of the various locations you will find different habitats and within those their own animals and separate ecosystems.

We love animals so while I was planning our home school preschool edition I thought it would be perfect to learn about different animals and their habitats. Every other month I have chosen a new habitat to learn about, starting with the desert.

I already know that Bee will love this unit.

Check out our bins for this week!

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Our Pre School Product Choices

They came. They finally came.

Two beautiful brown boxes of supplies to help us reach our educational goals.

Every year as I prepare for Christmas I write a list and start a amazon cart of some items I want to order for gifts. I like to brainstorm and then re-evaluate my plans a few weeks later.  It helps me to make sure that I have made the correct choices for everyone that I am buying for.

I used the same strategy but instead I had a cart growing of supplies I was interested in for school. It was filled with all types of goodies for all three of my kiddos but mostly for my almost four year old.

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Teach Your Monster to Read

We love the website, Teach Your Monster to Read!

This is not a sponsored post. Just a product that I believe in.

We recently discovered it and Bee has been playing a few times a week.

To get the game started you first design your own Monster. You choose their eyes, horns, hair, legs, arms, etc. Bee loved being able to customize and make his own monster. The Monster then goes on adventures. During the adventures you discover the phonetic alphabet and complete missions. How fun!

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Week Review

Over the last few weeks we have taken learning at a nice slow and steady pace. We have spent a lot of time reading and exploring without a specific direction. I especially have enjoyed watching the kids discover some new things that peaked their interests. We changed our pace for a few reasons. 1 I am pregnant. I simply cannot do all that I wish I could do at this moment. Life is constantly changing and so we must follow suit and adapt. 2 I wanted to let my kids explore a bit more so that I could prepare some themes that actually target their interests. It worked and I have lots of new ideas to incorporate over the next few weeks.

Before I get too excited and share our future plans I better give you our review.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

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