How to Personalize Notebooks for the Year

My kids are getting older and developing their own interests and opinions. I am so much in love with the people they are becoming but also in all the little things they are discovering.

I wanted a way to capture them at this stage. Their abilities, what they love and be able to watch them progress over time. I have seen so many amazing nature journals, regular journals and lap books but none of them were exactly what I was hoping for. Maybe I just didn’t want 10 books to keep track of and that’s a good enough reason for me.

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How To Have A Successful Lake Trip According To Toddlers

We just got back from our annual trip to the Family Cabin. We had so much fun and loved every minute we were down there for. I wish we could have stayed longer and had even more adventures. Oh well, maybe we will get to stay longer next year.

As my kids are getting older they are become quite the adventurers and use their imagination constantly. The whole time we were at the lake the kids had a blast and we let them enjoy it to the fullest. Here are their tips to insure your kids have the best time ever.

1. Play!! There is so many new things to explore. If you leave kids to it they will find some excellent ways to entertain themselves.

2. Get in the water. Have a blast splashing, tubing, going on the knee board, swim or collect the best rocks ever. Whatever you do just get in there.

3. Make a clubhouse or fort. We have an old tent trailer that we didn’t set up this year. The kids made it into their awesome club house, no adults allowed. They hauled tons of rocks into the fridge. Collected pine cones for the horses (imaginary) and swept the entrance constantly. I have no idea what else they did but they spent tons of time in the club house.

4. Dig in the dirt. Almost every kid that I have every met loves to dig in the dirt. I don’t really get it but a shovel with a couple buckets makes for enormous amounts of fun.

5. Bathe half as often as you should. Sometimes a quick jump in the lake before bed is good enough. Other occasions call for extra soap….

6. Be goofy with cousins. Cousins are the best! I have many fond memories of time with my cousins and I hope my kids will have the same opportunity. They played constantly for the whole week. Sometimes bubbles, puzzles or activities filled their time but more often than not they used their imagination for tons of fun.

7. Stay up hours late. Seriously hours….  At the cabin, time is a whole different thing.  We are too busy having fun that  the kids don’t even start to settle down til 9 pm. Oy. The kids love staying up late but I always look forward to getting back to our routine. Aka early bedtime.

8. Eat too much food. Our entire extended family are all amazing cooks which leaves us all stuffing our faces during meal times, snacks and deserts. Tiger especially loved to fit all the watermelon in his mouth at once. Silly boy.
9. Lay trap for adults. Rocks make the perfect trap, without shoes on its close to the kids leaving Legos scattered around. Sticks work good too but are more easily seen.

10. Go boating. We watching skiers, went in the paddle boats, went behind the boat and even helped drive the boat with Grandpa for some small cruises.

11. Read tons of books. Have great grandparents to read them, grandparents, cousins or anyone that walks in the room. There is almost always time for one more story.

12. Snuggle. When you wake up in the morning snuggle for a bit longer. When your reading, curl up under a blanket. When your drying off from a super ski ride, snuggle up. Steal some kisses too, if you can. When your kids run, chase them and snuggle them again.

13. Explore Nature. Go on hikes if your close to the mountains or just explore the area your in. Look for different types of wildlife. See the colors all around you. Notice the different patterns on birds and leaves. Observe the bottom of the lake (if its clear) or look at the banks. Count the lily pads as you pass them.  Wherever you are just take a minute to really look around. Maybe even touch some new textures.

14. Fall Asleep in unusual places. I don’t think my toddlers set out to accomplish this one but they often reached their fun maximum and collapsed in funny spots. Sweets often curled up by my Dad’s feet as he was driving the boat. Its shaded under there and the motor sounds help lull little ones to sleep. I was always surprised she went willingly. I guess she was just that tired.

15. Work Hard. Include your kids in what you are doing. Growing up we always had to work on a project of some sort before we could play in the lake for the afternoon. It worked out well as the water is chilly in the morning. The cabin is much more established now so our projects are generally smaller but when one comes up every pitches in. Yes, even the toddlers.

This year we started to build an addition to the retaining wall. Lots of rocks needs to be moved. The kids helped to move rocks that they could lift but they also supervised Great Grandpa as he drove the Kubota to the unloading area. Once they were parked the kids unloaded rocks and threw them where they needed to go. When it was the big boys turn they moved out of the way but they were included. Doesn’t seem like typical vacation fun but they loved helping and proving how big they are. Vacations aren’t always about having fun but doing things together.Our vacation was so much fun and I am already looking forward to next year.

What are you and your family doing this year? What would your kids add to our list?

STEAM Christmas Observation

As soon as December comes I immediately want to get out the Christmas decorations and explore all of the treasures that I have collected over the years. My decorations have become memories in a box and I love it.

This year we are right in the middle of packing up to move which unfortunately means that we barely brought out any of our decorations. I am still sad about it but I did get somethings to make the holidays special for the kids.

One of our Christmas festivities was all about observing and handling various objects that remind me of Christmas. We made hypothesis’s and tested them for close to an hour. Yes an hour and this was without most of my fun festive supplies. The sky is the limit. Seriously.

Now, usually I share all of my wonderful ideas here but this time I wrote a guest post for Amanda from Sicily’s Heart and Home.

You will find everything that you need for my awesome STEAM activity here. Check it out, your going to love it.


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I know, you want more. More STEAM activities. Lucky for you. I know just the place. You need STEAM Kids Christmas!! I didn’t know I would need it at the beginning of the holiday season but it has been so helpful for me. There is no way that I could think of all of these awesome ideas all by myself.

If your feeling like you might have missed the timing for a Christmas book then look no further. You need the regular edition, STEAM Kids. It would even make an excellent gift.


Our Family Halloween 2016

When I was in College I got a job at our local Value Village. It was the perfect job for a student. It was close to my house and I was able to get great clothes for an awesome deal. The position that I started at was a Costumologist!!

What is a Costumologist, you ask? Why, its the greatest thing ever. For two months I was able to dress up daily and help people assemble fabulous costumes. Many people like purchasing costumes ready to go which is fine but I love the challenge of creating costumes. I love hunting for the perfect pieces to create a one of a kind costume. Its a blast and saves quite a bit of cash.

Over the years I have come up with some pretty great costumes and I wish I would have taken pictures of all of my fun creations.

Since I have been married we have always dressed up together and now we involve our kids. It can be quite a challenge to come up with a family costume but it is completely worth it. I’m not sure how long my kids will cooperate with our Halloween fun. I hope it lasts forever but I know our time is ticking so we have to make the most of it every year.

Both my husband and I love Disney so our costumes generally are Disney movie themed. This year we choose the classic tale of “Peter Pan.” We dressed the kids as Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and Smee. Obviously we had to go as Peter Pan and Wendy.


Don’t we look great!

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STEAM Kids Halloween Crystals

My son has developed a love my spiders. I love that I do not share at all. I am not terrified of them but I cringe every time I spot one. Even spiders in books give me the creeps. Just writing this has given me goosebumps. I hate spiders….

I want to be the Mum that follows my kids interests but I honestly didn’t know how I was going to follow Bee this time.

That was until I found my answer in the Halloween STEAM Edition  Ebook.

STEAM Kids Halloween EBook

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Thanksgiving Thankful Leaves

For some people Thanksgiving is all about the food! Now I love food (stuffing and pie especially) as much as the next person however I am doing my best to raise grateful kids. One of the ways that we decided to bring gratitude into our family celebration was to make Thankful Leaves.

In Canada, where I am from, Thanksgiving is in October. Right in the middle of fall, well usually. This year we had the pleasure of diving right into winter with a huge snowfall. It practically looked this Christmas on Thanksgiving morning.


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General Conference Week Resources

General Conference is one of my favorite times of the year. I absolutely love gathering my notebook, snacks along with my favorite blanket. Armed with my essentials I was all set to sit down and listen to all of the council that has been prepared. That was before I had kids, it was that easy.

Now my tots want to participate but they also want to run and play. In April I had a great game plan for the hours of conference. Check it out here because it worked wonders with my little’s.

I enjoyed the variety of activities that we did but I felt that we could get to know these incredible men a bit more. If you are a regular reader you know that we love our theme based weeks. When I was planning for September the obvious answer was to include a more religious week. Not a week similar to religious holidays but more like a study based on our families religious leaders. I wrote a list of facts based on each of the members of the First Presidency and the twelve Apostles. You can check out that list to make you own plan or you can join our study.


Here is what you will need to follow along with our week:

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Desert Workbox 3 yr old

Desert Habitat Unit Workboxes for your Three Year Old

Desert Workbox 3 yr old

The world is kind of a funny place. An amazing place that I am blessed by everyday but its still kinda funny. Some places around the world are crazy hot, some freezing cold and other places bounce around in temperature.  In all of the various locations you will find different habitats and within those their own animals and separate ecosystems.

We love animals so while I was planning our home school preschool edition I thought it would be perfect to learn about different animals and their habitats. Every other month I have chosen a new habitat to learn about, starting with the desert.

I already know that Bee will love this unit.

Check out our bins for this week!

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Fall Unit Workboxes for your Three Year Old

Workbox Fall 3 yr old  Is it really fall already? I can’t believe it. Im certain that the summers are going by even quicker now then when I was growing up. It almost seems that everytime I blink we are in a new season. Eek! Good thing I am a planner and had decided what our studies would be before I was caught off guard. I am excited for this week and can’t wait to share with you.

Here are Bee’s bins for the upcoming week!

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