I Finally Took the Leap

I did a thing.

An awesome and exciting thing.

I have finally made the jump into selling Usborne books!

Our shelves have been slowly filling up with them and we are constantly checking them out from the library. We absolutely adore these books. Both the kids and I have found ourselves diving into them and loving all of the wonderful things that we have learned. Every book we have read has been so well done and prompted much laughter, many questions and discussions.

Laughing Kid Reading

As my kids are getting older and starting to read themselves I knew that our home library needed to expand so they could freely explore various topics without daily trips to the library. We will always go to the library but there is something about going to your own shelves and finding love.

I want our kids to be able to devour their favorite books until the bindings can no longer stay together. I want my son to carry his books down by the river without me worrying about library fees. I want books to be a part of their life. Their everyday life.

You know, the life that includes curling up with a blanket and chocolate chip cookies with your favorite book. Mountains of pillows and piles of books that almost seem to reach the ceiling. A semi disaster in a mom’s perspective but magical as a kid. This is the life I want for my kids.

I would give my kids the world if I could. I can’t so instead I will give them books that will transport them around the world and through time. Books that will stretch their imaginations and expand their knowledge. I can’t answer every question my little’s have however I can teach them how to find the answers they seek and where to look.

Usborne is already a part of our life and I can’t wait to bring it to the homes of many wonderful families. Follow along with us here for deals and discounts! I have extra special deals for those that host an online party in the next two week. Double Points!!! Yeah, more books for you, from me.


Moving at Christmas!

December is generally a crazy time of year for people around the world. In our house we decided to make this year a little extra crazy. You know, for fun!

We moved!

That’s right. During our holidays we are packing up, moving, unpacking, celebrating Christmas and finishing renovations at our current place to get it ready for new renters. To say we are a bit crazy is an understatement.


In the end I am sure everything will turn out just fabulously. That is if I have any hair left!

Have you moved with little’s in tow? What were your secrets for success? You must have secrets.

Below are my top moving tips. I saved them just for you!

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Our Family Halloween 2016

When I was in College I got a job at our local Value Village. It was the perfect job for a student. It was close to my house and I was able to get great clothes for an awesome deal. The position that I started at was a Costumologist!!

What is a Costumologist, you ask? Why, its the greatest thing ever. For two months I was able to dress up daily and help people assemble fabulous costumes. Many people like purchasing costumes ready to go which is fine but I love the challenge of creating costumes. I love hunting for the perfect pieces to create a one of a kind costume. Its a blast and saves quite a bit of cash.

Over the years I have come up with some pretty great costumes and I wish I would have taken pictures of all of my fun creations.

Since I have been married we have always dressed up together and now we involve our kids. It can be quite a challenge to come up with a family costume but it is completely worth it. I’m not sure how long my kids will cooperate with our Halloween fun. I hope it lasts forever but I know our time is ticking so we have to make the most of it every year.

Both my husband and I love Disney so our costumes generally are Disney movie themed. This year we choose the classic tale of “Peter Pan.” We dressed the kids as Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and Smee. Obviously we had to go as Peter Pan and Wendy.


Don’t we look great!

This was so easy to out together. I will walk you through it. Continue reading

To School Or Not

Fall brings change. Our environment changes but so does life. As a mom of toddlers often days just blur together. Sometime weeks or even a month seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Everyday I am in charge. I decide what we do and if we go anywhere. No rules unless I make them, for the most part.

Family 2016

Once September hits, Mom’s everywhere suddenly have a routine they need to follow.

Yes, I’m talking about back to school.

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10 Tips for Surviving the Transition to Three Kids

10 Tips for Surviving the Transition to Three Kids

Here I am, 39 weeks pregnant. Not loving it but I am practically at the finish line. I’m mostly ready for baby number three to arrive. When I say mostly ready I mean the playpen is set up, hospital bag is some what packed and the car seat is ready to be put in the car. So far our experience with number three has been vastly different. I’m not sure if its because I have been down this road a couple of times or if life just has not allowed me time to prepare as much. I am more relaxed but Babe has yet to arrive…. this all could end up biting me in the behind. Hopefully not!

I have moments where I mentally freak out over three kids under three. For the majority of time I think I will be okay. I am much more confident in myself and my mamma skills than previously. I think I am. I can handle three. Can I? I’ve managed to keep two alive and mostly happy. One more won’t break me. Or will it? Ahh!

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The Greatest Leaders are the Greatest Followers Family Home Evening

General Conference FHEThis week I am linking up with some other fabulous bloggers to share Family Home Evening Lessons based on talks from the April 2016 General Conference sessions. Each blogger chose a different topic to feature, you will find the other lessons at the bottom of this post.

There were so many wonderful messages shared last weekend! It was tough to pick just one but I did it. I choose the talk given by Stephen W. Owens, “The Greatest Leaders Are the Greatest Followers.” The talk was given during priesthood session, if you missed it. I watched the priesthood session with my husband and male in-laws…..  I know the priesthood session is for men. I just couldn’t resist joining in on hearing the powerful messages shared.

Family Home Evening is so important for families of all ages and stages. Our family is young, toddlers, which presents a variety of challenges. We strive to have Family Home Evening every week even if it is really quick and simple. Quick and simple works best when your dealing with kids three and under. We keep our lessons to the point, have a fun activity and sing (lots). We are able to teach our kids some basic principles and invite the Holy Ghost into our home while also having lots of fun.

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Conference Weekend

The first weekend in April our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has a special conference. They have many speakers and beautiful musical numbers. It is a time for us to listen to talks from messengers of our Heavenly Father to reflect on our lives and better ourselves.

Conference weekend is one of my favorite times of the year (April and October). I want my kids to look forward to learning from these inspired leaders as well. It can be a challenge for them to keep their attention for hours on end. This year I searched for some excellent ideas to keep the kids busy. Snacks, activities, games, etc. I might even add some extra snacks for the hubs and I.

Conference Apostle Activities

I gathered up 15 Gallon sized Ziploc bags, on each bag I wrote a name of one of the apostles. I wandered around our house and put one activity or a snack in each bag. Occasionally I was really organized and put an activity that related to the specific apostle.

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Hippity Hoppity

We had an excellent Easter and a lot of fun with our work. First I will share our week review then a bit from our family Easter celebrations.

Here are our workboxes prior to starting this week:

We loved our Language Egg Hunt. I thought that it would go over Bee’s head but he surprised me again. The hubs and I put mini animals inside Easter eggs before we hid them. In the morning the kids found the eggs and opened them to discover an animal. I had them match the animals to the beginning letter of their name. W – Whale, D – Dolphin, etc. They needed a little prompting for the correct letter but soon they mastered the names and letters. They loved hiding the eggs again and again. I didn’t even have to hide them!!

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The More the Merrier

Things are about to get a little crazier at our house.

New Baby

Our new arrival is expected to make its grand entrance in the middle of May! Wahoo!


We often have kids of all ages play at our house, we love friends. I think (hope) that will make this change easier but I’m not sure my kids understand that the baby will come and stay forever. As opposed to when we have babies visit for a couple hours or the day.


Either way we are up for an adventure.


Being pregnant is hard on my body so we have been taking things easy. Enjoying the little things. We still do lots of learning but I haven’t been rotating our workboxes as much or introducing as many new concepts. With both my kids being three and under we do a lot of free play and reading. If that’s all we get done then the day has been a success.


How do you home school with a new babe? I would love some tricks of the trade.